Psilohuasca or ayahuasca ceremony?

Psilohuasca is simular to ayahuasca and gets more and more attention. One reason for the attention may be that ayahuasca is illegal in the Netherlands and that the illegality has recently been reaffirmed by a ruling of the dutch Supreme Court.

What is Psilohuasca?

Psilohuasca resembles ayahuasca because it is a mixture of a psychedelic substance and an MAO inhibitor. In the case of Ayahuasca the psychedelic compound is DMT and in the case of psilohuasca it is the psychedelics psilocybin/psilocin. The differences between DMT and psilocin are small since they stimulate receptors to approximately the same extent. However, there is a small difference in receptor profile stimulation that explains the differences.

The molecular difference between DMT and psilocin is only the OH group at the 4th position

Why the MAO inhibitors?

That MAO inhibitors are used at Ayahuasca makes sense. The enzyme MAO immediately breaks down the active ingredient DMT after ingestion. An MAO inhibitor or MAOi prevents MAO from from breaking down DMT. The MAOI also ensures that other monoamines are not broken down, such as dopamine and tyramine. Building up dopamine is in many cases not desirable for therapy, but it is not a major problem either. However, building up tyramine is a problem. Tyramine can cause high blood pressure, cerebral haemorrhages and even death. In order to prevent the problems with tyramine, an adapted diet must be followed.

Can we do it without MAO inhibitors?

The MAO inhibitors increase the risk of health complaints and issues. Also, the build-up of dopamine more often results in a less good effect of psychedelics (according to our experience). Ayahuasca cannot do without MAO inhibitors because otherwise DMT will not work orally. But Psilohuasca can do without MAO inhibitors. Psilocybin and psilocin can be easily absorbed and remain active for 4-6 hours. If you do add MAO inhibitors you can save on the amount of psilocybin mushrooms or magic truffles. When adding a strong MAO inhibitor, the trip also takes a few hours longer.

Psilohuasca vs ayahuasca

Dangerous combinations with MAO inhibitors

To indicate once again that the MAO inhibitors can be dangerous, we hereby provide a list of substances that are very dangerous in combination with MAO inhibitors. The following substances should not be used 24 hours before and 24 hours after the psilohuasca or ayahuasca trip.

  • sleep medication
  • anesthetics
  • migraine drugs
  • allergy medicines
  • cold medicines
  • cocaine
  • amphetamine (speed)
  • MDMA (XTC)
  • mescaline cacti (peyote and san pedro)
  • Alcohol
  • ephedra/ephedrine
  • pseudoephedrine
  • macromerine
  • fentermine.

Why would you want to take the extra risk of complications?

We believe that the advantages of MAO inhibitors do not outweigh the disadvantages. Saving on costs shouldn’t be the reason. Extending the duration of the trip can be an advantage and a disadvantage too. A good intense trip doesn’t have to take a very long time. We prefer a high dose with a good peak during the trip over a long and mild trip.

Our recipe for a psilocybin tea

We do not use the strong MAO inhibitors. If you still want to make a partial effect so that MAO is mildly inhibited, there are milder MAO inhibitors that we can make use of in consultation. Let us start by saying that health and safety are the most important things and that we do not save on costs. Our truffle tea does also have extras such as vitamin, minerals and some other activating substances that support the brain.

Extras during ceremony

Our psychedelic therapy through a truffle ceremony contains the following extras to make the experience even better:

  • Individual accompaniment truffle ceremony
  • Aromatherapy (during trip)
  • Colour therapy (during trip)
  • Musical support
  • NLP

Possibilities of a truffle ceremony

It main advantage of a psychedelic therapy session is that by means of introspection (look inside yourself) we can send you help you to change your self-image. Many addictions, fears, stress, depressions and other personal problems arise from a (negative) wrong self-image, from non-real thoughts or by subconscious stress, which are caused by fears in the subconscious. We will also focus on lifestyle changes so that you will five your body and mind some self love. Be good to your body and spirit and these will be good for you. You are worthy of the best version of yourself.


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LSD therapie: Psilohuasca, ayahuasca or psilocybin?

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Psilohuasca, ayahuasca or psilocybin?