LSD-therapie.nl is live

Truffel ceremonie, psiloflora of paddo ceremonies voor uw fysieke en mentale gezondheid

We’re on the web

Our site is live but it’s far away from being totally operational. LSD-therapie.nl has been made for the English speaking people who wants to use LSD or psilocybin in a safe way with a professional tripsitter. We have a lot experience with psychedelics assisted therapy to treat depression, burn-out, PTSD, addiction and axiety disorders. Some of our clients do this only for fun and the most of them want to make use of it’s therapeutic potential.

We’re building this site

While we’re are completing this site, you can make use of our partner website services. Triptherapy (triptherapie.nl) offers Psilocybin and LSD treatments. Click on the following links to learn more.

Psilocybin assisted therapy (truffle ceremony)

LSD assisted therapy

See you soon!

Check back with us to see how the site is progressing. Thanks for reading!

Het originele bericht komt van de onderstaande link

LSD therapie: LSD-therapie.nl is live

In samenwerking met Psilocybine therapie Nederland hebben wij dit bericht geplaatst om u beter van dienst te kunnen zijn op gebied van truffel en paddo ceremonies

LSD-therapie.nl is live