Do you want to attend a magic mushroom ceremony in the Netherlands? Please be aware that magic mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands. But don’t worry, there is a solution! Magic truffles are the parts of the mushrooms that grow below the ground and they are legal because the law doesn’t mention it. Magic truffles also contains psilocybin meaning it’s all basically the same. The difference is that magic truffle are legal and psilocybin and magic mushrooms (shrooms) are illegal. As silly as that sounds it’s what it is.

Where in the Netherlands can you go for psilocybin magic mushroom/truffle ceremonies?

There are a few companies hosting the truffle ceremonies. Triptherapie is one of them and focuses slightly more on the therapeutic potential of a truffle ceremony. That’s why the organise individual sessions including personal advice about your health and how to get the mos of your truffle ceremony. Group events takes place in Schiedam nearbij Rotterdam and The Hague. It’s a 45 minute drive from the airport Schiphol. The individual sessions can take place in Shiedam or anywhere in the Netherlands (your AirBNB or Hotelroom).

Location Schiedam

More information

Use the following link to learn more about the services.

Tripsitter service | Triptherapy | Group truffle ceremonies | Location Schiedam | Other locations in the Netherlands

In samenwerking met Psilocybine therapie Nederland hebben wij dit bericht geplaatst om u beter van dienst te kunnen zijn op gebied van truffel en paddo ceremonies

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