Multiple sclerosis and Psilocybin

This article first appeared on the website after a guided trip of a person with MS. In order to spread the knowledge how MS might can be treated with magic mushrooms and other healthy lifestyle decisions, we’re now sharing this blog:

Can magic mushrooms cure Multiple sclerosis?

What is MS or multiple sclerosis?

MS is an autoimmune disorder in which the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord are broken down by macrophages attacking myelin. As a result, communication from the brain to other areas will be more difficult. This also makes it more difficult to control muscles. There is still a lot of confusion around MS. We do not yet know the exact cause.

What can help combat MS?

The next thing I’m going to write is still hypothetical. If you assume that MS is a response of the body to clean up damaged cells, it could be that if you make sure that there is less damage, then there is less response of the immune system. Less inflammation also means less work for the macrophages. Inflammation can be drastically reduced with a change in lifestyle. The image below shows the things we need to prevent and thus get less inflammation.

Inflammatory things that are bad for almost everything that lives

Vitamin D against MS

Around the equator there is the smallest chance that someone will get MS. This may be due to sunshine hours and therefore the formation of vitamin D. Temperate sunbathing might just help. Taking supplements with vitamin D or moderate sunbathing can also help.

Diet against MS

A diet can do so much good. We’ve given diet tips against stress and depression before. So the same diet can also help against MS because it helps in three ways. Firstly, this diet reduces inflammation in the intestines and other locations in the body. Secondly, it indirectly reduces stress. Less stress and cortisol promotes body recovery, which is badly needed in MS. Thirdly, this diet increases serotonin and thus the release of BDNF.

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BDNF may play a key role in the fight against MS

BDNF stands for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and is a hormone (protein) that stimulates nerve cell repair and the production of new nerve cells. In MS, BDNF can therefore play a key role in the recovery of damaged areas. Perhaps the increased concentration of BDNF can restore the body faster than the immune system could break it down. If you could combine this technique with a healthy lifestyle and thus fewer inflammatory reactions, this might very well help.

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Psychedelics against MS

The highest possible stimulation of the 5HT2a receptor to release BDNF is the use of psychedelics. So these are really mind-altering drugs. Psilocin from magic mushrooms, DMT from ayahuasca or LSD stimulates the 5HT2a receptor in such a way that the concentration of BDNF increases significantly. This combination provides neurogenesis, which means the creation of new neurons, at a level that is unprecedented.

Shrooms (psilocin), Ayahuasca (DMT,) and LSD increase BDNF in a very effective way, repairing brain and nerve cells and making new connections.

We believe in the beneficial effects of magic mushrooms and magic truffles.

Whether mushrooms and increasing BDNF can help cure MS has yet to be proven. For me it sounds very plausible that progress can be made with these techniques. So at this moment we can only answer the question whether magic mushrooms can help to cure MS if we think it helps.

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Psilocybin against MS