Psilocybin ceremony

Truffel ceremonie, psiloflora of paddo ceremonies voor uw fysieke en mentale gezondheid

Psilocybin ceremony

During psilocybin ceremonies, the psychedelic compound psilocybin is ingested to achieve different states of consciousness. During such a ceremony you will be accompanied by skilled staff. Furthermore the music, aromatherapy and artwork can help to make the psilocybin ceremony even better.

Psilocybin ceremonies can be done individually, in closed groups or in open groups. Of course, each of these options has its own advantages.

The psilocybin comes from magic truffles and that is why these ceremonies are often called truffle ceremony. The level of the dosage is the most important for the amount of effects.

Open psilocybin ceremony

The open group psilocybin ceremonies are open to anyone who is medically able to participate in a psilocybin ceremony. We’ll handle the screening when somebody registers.

The size of the groups for psychedelic ceremonies is a maximum of 6 people. These ceremonies are perfect for getting to know new people, but especially your subconscious self.

For those who want to do a psilocybin ceremony for its therapeutic effects, we recommend trip therapy. Trip therapy is an individual psychedelic session with personal preparation with a focus on overall health. Read more about trip therapy via the link or view our available open psychedelic ceremonies below.

Overview open psilocybin ceremonies

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