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Psilocybin therapy and depression

Notoriety that psilocybin sessions are a very strong treatment for depression is on the rise. Scientific studies increasingly show that psilocybin is most effective in treating drug-resistant depression. All of these studies are based on a single high dose of psilocybin without lifestyle changes. What would happen if all test subjects outside the psilocybin session were also advised to start living healthier lives?

The trip therapy treatment against depression

Most of our customers suffer from depression. From the work experience of trip therapy we learn that the results of depression treatments with psychedelics such as psilocybin work even better if we make a plan of action to promote physical and mental health. We do this in trip therapy on the basis of an intake and neurotransmitter question test so that we can improve the neurochemistry of the brain even before the psychedelic session. This together with some extra preparation ensures a good basis and a better psychedelic session.

Film suggestions

Timeline triptherapy



During the registration, an intake form will be filled in and a questionnaire about your state of mind, the so-called neurotransmitter test.


2 weeks before the session


We will contact you within a few days to advise you. The advice is about nutrition, supplements and possibly exercise advice.


1 week before the session


After following the advice, after about a week there is contact again about the progress and effect of the advice. We can still decide to change the planning if necessary.

Additional suggestions

3 days before the session

Additional Suggestions

The three days before your session are the most important days of your preparation. Dot the “i” here and we will give you some extra tips. For example, certain things to read or videos to watch.

Assignment and information

1 day before the session

Assignment and information

The day before the psychedelic session you will receive information about the day of the session. For example, about what you may and may not eat before and after your session. If it helps, we can also give you an extra small assignment to make the session even more effective.

Half an hour before the session

30 minutes before the session

Before the session

On the day of the ceremony we will meet as agreed and execute the session. This is an important day and we will talk about intentions and goals for about half an hour, or longer if necessary. We will also prepare you for what to expect and how to deal with certain situations.

The intake

The psychedelic session

The intake

As soon as you’re ready, you can take the psychedelics we provide. We will stay in conversation and keep an eye on the goals.

The first effects

15-30 minutes after ingestion

The first effects

The first psychedelic effects can occur in about fifteen minutes. This can vary from optical disturbances, the rise of various feelings. Some experience the beginning as something very fine and others find it unpleasant. During this phase your coach will help you to relax, as relaxation plays the key role in starting the psychedelic journey.

The peak

60-90 minutes after ingestion

The introspection

After about an hour to an hour and a half after ingestion, the peak of psychedelic effects will start. This peak is ideal for turning more inward. The coach will give you room for introspection during this phase. Every now and then you can expect a question that you might not be able and need to answer with words. Depending on your needs, this phase may take as little as 30 minutes or even two hours.

After the peak

2-5 hours after ingestion

Coming down

During the coming down, the whole perception will gradually return to the way it was before the trip, but with a number of insights and positive changes. Depending on the dosage, the coming down occurs in about 2 hours after ingestion. During the coming down we will have more contact again.

End of session

4-10 hours after ingestion

Final conversation session

As soon as you’re back on the ground, we’ll have a final conversation for today. It may be that you can still experience the effects of the psychedelics mildly. These effects sometimes last for 12 hours after ingestion. Despite the fact that you can do almost everything again, we advise you to take it easy and not to make appointments.

Day after the session

Day after the session

Rest day

The day after the psychedelic session can be a day with a lot or little energy. We advise you to keep this day free just to be sure.


The days after the session


In the days after the session we will have contact about the experiences and what you could do with them in daily life.

For whom is psilocybin therapy not suitable?

Psilocybin and certain medications are definitely not compatible. There are also a few other physical contraindications that we should take into account. Furthermore, some mental disorders can be aggravated by the use of psychedelics. Here are the contraindications.


  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Brain haemorrhages
  • Pregnancy


  • Schizophrenia
  • Psychosis (sensitivity)
  • Borderline


  • SSRi: citalopram (Cipramil®) – escitalopram (Lexapro®) – fluoxetine (Prozac®) – fluvoxamine (Fevarin®) – paroxetine (Seroxat®) – sertraline (Zoloft®) etc…
  • SNRi: Venlafaxine (Efexor) – Duloxetine (Cymbalta) etc…
  • TCA: mitriptyline (Tryptizol®) – clomipramine (Anafranil®) – imipramine – nortriptyline (Nortrilen®) etc….
  • Benzodiazepines: o xazepam (Seresta), – diazepam (Valium) – alprazolam (Xanax) etc…
  • Drugsagainst high blood pressure: (methyldopa, guanethidine, reserpine)
  • Tramadol and similar agents.

In case you are taking a medicine that cannot be combined with psychedelics, you can examine in consultation with the prescribing physician whether you can phase out this medicine gradually. Never stop medication without consulting your doctor. A psychedelic session can take place two weeks after complete abstinence from the above medications.

The first steps in depression treatment

Step 1

Gradually we can call depression an inflammatory disease. The decrease in serotonin, dopamine and GABA is often a result of nutrient deficiency and/or mild to severe inflammatory reactions in the body. It is precisely in order to detect the causes as much as possible that it is best to do as much good as possible. Let’s start with a good diet that reduces the risk of nutrient deficiency and inflammation. Read the following blog for more information about the diet against depression.

The antidepression diet

Step 2

If you are allergic to certain foods or substances in the environment, it is good to avoid these as much as possible. After all, allergies also increase the inflammatory values and thus the risk of depression. Applying for an allergy test can provide very useful information.

Step 3

During sleep, the body and brain are repaired. Sleep well is an important factor. During sleep, a hormone called BDNF is released, which restores brain areas that have generally decreased in health due to depression. BDNF seems to play a greater role in preventing depression in men than in women.

Tips for better sleep

Step 4

Take a look at the image below and assess which causes of stress and thus inflammation you can eliminate. The more you do well, the better all parts of the fight against depression will work together.

Step 5

Implement the advice we give after registering for trip therapy for a period of 1-3 weeks.

Start the intake for trip therapy here

Step 6

The psychedelic session causes physical changes. New connections arise in the brain through neurogenesis. This effect in itself improves the state of mind. In addition to these physical changes, insights gained during the psychedelic state can cause changes in thinking and behaviour. All these changes together provide the desired result. So change is the key to success in a world where the only thing that always remains the same is…… change.

How many psilocybin sessions are needed?

For the treatment against depression we only need 1 or 2 sessions with most clients, of which the first session is often lower dosed than the second. There is a period of about two months between these sessions. These two months are used to work with the insights. Everyone does this in their own way.

How did other people experience trip therapy against depression?

We have a number of reviews on the forum from customers who have undergone a psilocybin session to combat depression. Here are the hyperlinks of a number of reviews:

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How can we help you?

Everyone is unique and needs a slightly different approach. What other goals besides depression treatment do you have? Depression often goes hand in hand with anxiety complaints. In any case, please let us know your total place via the intake or contact form so that we can take a tailor-made approach.

Ready for the digital intake?

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