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Tripsitter service and psychedelic ceremonies on site

In coöperation with we can also come by at your location for individual or small group ceremonies. We can set up and supervise individual and group ceremonies on site. So you can use your own home, a friend’s home, an Airbnb home, or even a hotel room. You can hire us as a tripsitter and we can create a whole psychedelic ceremony at your place.

At home

For most clients requesting an individual or small-scale ceremony
with acquaintances, this option is chosen the most. The costs are lower
because there is no need to rent. Other benefits that are experienced
are the peace and quiet and the convenience of not having to travel.
Especially after the psychedelic ceremony, not having to travel is a
plus. For many it is also nice to do a psychedelic ceremony in your own
familiar surroundings. Everything that brings peace and quiet makes for a
better psychedelic journey.


Airbnb’s popularity has risen sharply in recent years. Airbnb is
increasingly being used by our customers. Especially our overseas
customers use Airbnb and let us visit them. The benefits are that you
can stay overnight after the ceremony, and there’s always something to
find no matter how large a group is.


Booking your own hotel and having the ceremony take place in your hotel room is also an option. This is done less than the previous options. Hotel rooms are usually suitable for 1 or 2 persons at the same time.

More information

You can read more about this service on the Triptherapie website.

Click here for the tripsitter service in the Netherlands by Triptherapie

Het originele bericht komt van de onderstaande link Your location

Het originele bericht komt van de onderstaande link

LSD therapie: Your location

In samenwerking met Psilocybine therapie Nederland hebben wij dit bericht geplaatst om u beter van dienst te kunnen zijn op gebied van truffel en paddo ceremonies

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